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Competition Rules

What is the nature of our motorsport

Our motorsport is run on short courses designed to test driving skills. Classes are base on road licenced stock production daily drive cars

Who may enter.

Our timed motorsport events are open to club members holding a current Club Competition licence (or higher) with either AASA or MA.

A single day club membership is available once per year per person.

What cars can compete

Any brand of 2 wheel drive car that is suitable for aggressive tarmac driving.  


Being 'MX5 Racing WA' the competition is setup around Mazda MX-5 production categories.  For a class to exist there must be at least 4 cars of equivalent specification/performance  Note: The classes listed on the entry forms are only descriptive labels and NOT a definition of the class

Base Classes

The prime basis of classes is naturally aspirated engine a completely stock production car.

Class A  up to 1600cc

Class B  1601 to 2000cc

Class C   2001 to 3300cc

Class D   over 3300cc

Class Modifiers

FICEF=1.7 (Forced Induction Capacity Equivalence Factor)

Use R comp tyre (Wear Rating 180 or less)  Go up a class.

Add Aero  Go up a class

Reduce weight Go up a class

Weigh Reduction Guide

Your car must be a complete production car with the exception that the drivers seat may be changed.  This includes a roof, OEM passengers seat, window glass, carpet and trim (including in the boot). If a rollbar is installed affected trim may be omitted. If a hard top is used with a proper rollbar the soft top roof may be omitted.

The ruling of the Chief Scrutineer is final.

Changing Classes

If you change classes during the series the championship points earned do not carry over to the new class. You may enter in a higher class.  This then allows you to maintain your points if you will be making changes during the series that will change your class.  Running in a lower class will forfiet you points for that round.

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