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Series 3 Round 4 Wanneroo Point to Point

Class A

David Hope

Brad Katnich

Russell McChesney

Steve Bedford

Bronwen Torelli

Lyall Tilson


Class B

Rafell Herrera

Warwick Gates

Kevin Wallace

Jamie Don

Michael Jackson

Andrew Miles

Jason Abbott

James Fitzpatrick

Ross James

Lauren Messenger

Christopher Mercer

Kosta Kazazis


Class C
Jurgen Lunsmann
Chris Campy
Oliver Calnan

Jamie Passmore

Richard Bradbury

Yannis Hondros


Class D
Alexis Hernandez

Rod Willis

Neil Harris
Andrew Cathie
Don Messenger

Ben Marshall

Series 3 2024 is fully subscribed

Places are limited to 30

A=Membership Application Received

E= Series 3 Entry Form Received

D=AASA Disclaimer Received

M=Membership for 2024 Paid

$=Whole Series Fee Paid

Series 3 Competitors

  1. Jason Abbott AEDM$

  2. Steve Bedford AEDM$

  3. Richard Bradbury EDM$

  4. Oliver Calnan AEDM$

  5. Chris Campy EDM$

  6. Andrew Cathie AEM$

  7. Jamie Don EDM$

  8. James Fitzpatrick AEDM$

  9. Warwick Gates AEDM$

  10. Alexis Hernandez AEM$

  11. Rafell Herrera EDM$

  12. Neil Harris AEDM$

  13. Yannis Hondros AEM$

  14. David Hope AEDM$

  15. Michael Jackson AEM$

  16. Ross James AEDM$

  17. Brad Katnich AEDM$

  18. Kosta Kazazis AEDM$

  19. Jurgen Lunsmann AEDM$

  20. Ben Marshall AEDM$

  21. Russell McChesney AEDM$

  22. Christopher Mercer AEM

  23. Don Messenger AEDM$

  24. Lauren Messenger AEDM$

  25. Andrew Miles AEM$

  26. Jamie Passmore AEDM$

  27. Lyall Tilson AEDM$

  28. Bronwen Torelli AEDM$

  29. Kevin Wallace AEDM$

  30. Rod Willis M$

Members Not Competing

Jennifer Ellison M

Tony Hamilton M

Alex Messenger M

Carol Messenger M

Marcel Moreno M

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