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2022 MX5 Racing WA membership expired at midnight on December 31st, 2022.

To be a member of MX5 Racing WA you must apply each year.

For the purposed of 'continuous membership' continuity lapses if you do not reapply by February 11th.

Motorsport Championship Series 2
Entries are now OPEN
8 Rounds at 4 venues $680
*** 2 spots available ***


Foundation Members

Alex Messenger

Carol Messenger

Don Messenger

Jennifer Ellison

Lauren Messenger

Russell McChesney

Membership          Motorsport

Applications          Entries

R=Received           E=Form Received

A=Approved          $=Paid

D=Declined            X=Not Entering

$=Paid                    Spot Secured

2023 Membership Applications received

  1. Don Messenger   A$  E$

  2. Lauren Messenger  A$  E$

  3. Carol Messenger  A$  X

  4. Jennifer Ellison  A$  E$

  5. Neil Harris  A$  E$

  6. Ben Marshall  A$  E$

  7. Jamie Passmore  A$ E$

  8. Jeffrey Low  A$ E$

  9. David Hope  A$  E$

  10. Andrew Cathie  A$  E$

  11. Brad Katnich  A$  E$

  12. Russell McChesney  A$  E$

  13. John Woon  A$  E$

  14. Coral Hands  A$

  15. Dale Hands  A$

  16. Tony Hamilton  A$  X

  17. Yannis Hondros  A$  E$

  18. Ross James  A$  E$

  19. Lyall Tilson  A$  E$

  20. Rod Willis  A$ E$

  21. Sasha Locke  A$ E$

  22. Shannon Webb  A$  E$

  23. Rafell Herrera  A$  E$

  24. Jason Abbott  A$  E$

  25. Steve Bedford A$  E$

  26. John Cousins  A$

  27. Alexis Hernandez  A$  $

  28. Alex Messenger A$  X

  29. Alex Bogoni A$  $

  30. Chris Campy A$  E$

  31. Jurgen Lunsmann A$ E$

  32. Michael Jackson A$ E

  33. Kosta Kazazis A$  E$

  34. Daemien Lim A E$

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