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Messenger Driver Development

This little branch of the Messenger clan has been active members of the Mazda MX-5 Club of Western Australia Inc. since the eldest offspring Jen first got her learners permit in 2005 and a proper car was acquired.  Meaning rear wheel drive, manual of course.  A pristine white NA MX-5  plated 'JENS CAR' was her baby. One of the many reasons Carol and Jen joined was due to the club running driver training and Funkhana events at this venue.  That is when the obsession began.  When Don, bought his Silver NC (near the middle of the background here) a couple of years later.  The pair of them were here at a Funkhana with only 408kms on the clock.  This is a great place to learn to drive, with effectively complete safety. Naturally when Lauren got her 'Learners' driving the MX-5 was the way to learn and catch the bug.

When these wonderful guys fired up DRM and opened this venue up again we were down there like a shot.  With a strong desire to enjoy our cars, learn how to drive, this venue being reopened, plus experienced competition driving trainers being available, Lauren did the deals and here we are to share it with you.  Come and join us!

This is Lauren and Don enjoying a win. Not actually racing. A treasure hunt in fact.  But a win is a WIN!!!

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