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Look after this venue!   For several years this venue was shut down.  The operators, DRM, have taken on this facility at considerable cost and with very stringent conditions place upon them.  Excessive noise and nuisance behaviour puts the whole venture in jeopardy.

This is a driver training centre, not a race track.  Timing of the event or vehicles other than your own is prohibited.  Excessive noise, unsafe, wreckless or nuisance driving will not be tolerated and you will be excluded from the venue with NO REFUND.



With the above being said, this is no dampener.  These rules serve to enhance the pleasure for everyone.  There is plenty of fun to be had.  Don't concern yourself with the occasional tyre squeel.  They are not an issue.  The better you get the less this happens anyway.  The idea is to be quick.  Any loss of grip is costing you time.  When you get your speed and braking right it is fast! ... and exhilarating to the max.  Incredible fun!! 

These events deliver the best value track time of any driving event anywhere, but it is still not cheap enough to waste.  These Funkhanas are highly organised and run by experienced event managers.  Be ready for some full on driving.  Like almost everything in life your enjoyment and success will depend on how well prepared you are.  After reading everything on this web site you will have a pretty good idea of how it all works.  If you have done some motorsport, then this is old hat and is  much more simple than most.  If you are going to do more motorsport, then everything you will do here you will do for every future event, plus some.

What to expect on the day.

  1. Check-In and scrutineering  30 mins before your booking time.

  2. Driver's Briefing 15 minutes before your booking time.

  3. The first 5 runners queue up in the staging lane in the run order provided to you at Check-In.   Always keep 5 cars in the queue.

  4. Each driver drives the course as per the course map provided to you at Check-In.

  5. If you hit a cone, finish your run then turn on your hazard lights, quickly go and replace the cone in its chalked square then get off quickly.

  6. There is only one car on the skid pan at a time.  Immediately one leaves, the next one starts.  This continues for the whole session.

  7. The course length is about 900m. The average run time is about 70 seconds of full on driving.  Mostly flat out in second gear.

  8. You will get plenty of driving.  Do it the easy way.  Prepare properly.  Rest well.  Allow plenty of time.  Bring the right stuff.  You will have a ball!

For those who have purchased in car driver tuition. 

  • You will be placed half the field apart. 

  • You will drive the course as everyone else does. 

  • After each run you will get a short debrief (half a minute or so.) by your trainer before he goes to another car. 

  • The trainer will then go and get in the next car, who has also purchased tuition, in time for his run.

  • The trainer will not drive your car.  He will observe your driving and concentrate on the areas that he believe will give you the most improvement.

  • He will start with seating position, posture and how you steer.  Don't be surprised.  This is normal.

  • You will have bad habits. Nothing about driving is natural.  It is all learnt behavior.

  • You are miles in front of most drivers.  You are taking the steps to learn.

  • A few simple changes can make a very big difference.

Before you leave home

Additional Recommended Preparation

  • YOU

  • Your current Driver's licence or Learners Permit.

  • Correct Clothing.  Fully covered in non-synthetic clothing.  Only your face and hands maybe exposed.

  • Correct footwear.  Fully enclosed low heeled shoes or boots.

  • Compliant Helmet .  Meets or exceeds AS1698


If you have a printer you can save yourself some time and stress by printing and completing the DRM paperwork.       Available here

These must be printed on both sides of a single sheet of paper.  Preprinted forms will be available on the day.


  •  Remove all loose items. Including the contents of the boot and glovebox.

  • Check your seat is firmly mounted.

  • Check your seat belt is in good conditions.

  • Check for minimal steering free play.

  • Check that the brake pedal is firm.

  • Check that your battery is properly mounted.

  • Check that you don't drop any oil.


  • Check tyre wear and pressures. The door placard is a good guide.  For Funkhana we recommend 2 psi higher than the placard value.

  • Check all fluid levels.

  • You will use about 1/4 of a tank of fuel at the event.

  • Wash your windscreen.

  • Have a good nights sleep.

  • If you have a smart phone and a good holder that will enable you to video out the front or inside the cabin download TrackAddict and practice using it. You will get some great video.  TrackAddict is free, fairly simple and easy to learn.  Race Render, which you use to make your video have a free restricted version.

When you get there

Enter venue at 16 Grogan Road and park up in the the parking bays to the right of the DRM signed building.  In the car park will be an MDD coordinator who will check your ticket and scrutinise your car.

Be there at least 30 minutes before your booking time.  Don't be late.

The cutoff is 15 minutes before your booking time as this is when the mandatory Driver's Briefing is held.


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