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MX5 Racing WA Inc.

 MX5 Racing WA Inc.

MX-5 Racing WA Inc. is an incorporated club formed for the sole purpose of running motorsport competitions for club members.

MX5 Racing WA was formed for the following reasons.

  1. To provide an entry point into competitive motorsport for participants in MDD's monthly skills development sessions which are also managed from this website.

  2. To give entry level access to a world class motorsport competition. (not limited to MX-5s).

  3. To  provide another avenue for those who do not make the cut in the various local club competitions which are over subscribed and help develop skills such that they can make the cut.

  4. To be a Motorsport Australia affiliated club. 

MX5 Racing WA Inc. is not a social club. Only active motorsport participants are wanted. If you are not prepared to contribute to this club as an official or competitor with the commitment  to actively participate and to improve your skills then this club is not for you.

Absolute beginners are most welcome.

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