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First Saturday Funkhana

Easy affordable access for drivers of tarmac sports capable cars needing a place to get to know their car, test modifications and above all develop their driving skills in a fun way.

Co-ordinated by Messenger Driver Development




Funkhana is an entry level to competitive short course tarmac motorsport.  The idea is to become intimately familiar with the behavior of your car, learn its limits and hone your driving skills.

Funkhanas are run on a large flat  level skid pan. The surface is asphalt rolled so that the grip level, when dry, is closely equivalent to a wet public road and when wet approaching iced road grip level..  A course is marked out using orange traffic cones.  The idea is to travel the course as quickly as possible.  Funkhanas don't have fixed rules like Motorkhana and Hill Climbs and such.  Funkhana organisers usually select a subset of the rules of the type of event that the participants are likely to continue on to.  In our case, our Funkhanas run using Autotest rules just with no official timing.  Generally a cone layout is designed so that  several quite different courses can be driven without any change in the setup.  This is because we want to practice many different types of turns but not have any time lost with no car on the track changing the setup.  We want to get as much of that expensive track time that we are paying for as we can.  In competition there are heavy penalties for hitting a cone because valuable track time is lost while the blunder is fixed. There are also penalties for not following the specified course. In Funkhana,we are not competing against the clock so we don't really care about going the wrong way, but wasting track time is still a big no, no.

Who can participate?

Cars that do not exceed the sound level limit of 95dBA

Hold a current WA Department of Transport drivers licence or permit.

L and P platers are welcome.

No competition licence is required.

No specific insurance is required.

Must accept, sign off and comply with the venue's Rules, Requirements and Safety instruction and also the venue's Indemnity and Waiver Form

What do I need?

A roadworthy car with all loose items removed.

An approved helmet (AS1698 or equivalent).

Full covering non-synthetic clothing.  Only your hands and face can be exposed.

Fully enclosed low heeled footwear.

One driver per car per session.  No sharing.

What's this about Training?

Yes, this is the icing on the cake! A trainer is available for one on one personalised tuition.

In every session, up to 4 participants can engage the professional driving trainer rostered for that session to be in your car with you driving for every run.

These guys can save you many years of reinventing the wheel and increase your enjoyment immensely.

Tickets for the training include the entry fee for the Funkhana. At checkout make sure you select the correct ticket.


Each Funkhana session has a limit of 10 participants. 

Single Session tickets are for one 2 hour Funkhana  session.   Professional in car tuition available for up to 4 of these drivers in each session.  Select this option at checkout.

See <ABOUT> in the main menu for more details.

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